Dolomite Effects- Workshop

In the realm of possibilities. You are looking at a virtual reality of your future self. The way you desire your life to be or not to be. You visualize it every change you get. You infuse the possibility of your future self-existence through your thoughts, thinking, emotions, feelings, beliefs, faith, affirmations and prayers. Until you build enough confident beyond belief that this is you, so you begin to act and walk like you are your future self until your future self-manifest in physical form. From God to the Matrix talk about how this methodology works. Yet people do not understand it nor believe in it. But we constantly asking for it. I am living proof that it works!!!!

Lisa felt she needed a new personality and characteristic to accomplish her true goals and purpose in life. She wanted to be a stress management coach. Lisa know she had to transform her energy, thoughts, emotions, feeling, beliefs, characteristic and personality in order to obtain her goal and purpose in life. Lisa knew she was not able or powerful enough to attract clients or empower others and/or herself within her governing characteristics and personality. So, she had to transform and recreate into Ms. D. Ms. D energy governing characteristic and personality is very empowering, confident, wise, understanding, humble, accepting, supportive and energetic. Lisa created Ms. D through the realm of possibility using her Dolomite methodology effect. Entertainers do it all the time. God do to: Name changed in the bible: Abram to Abraham; Barnabas to Joseph; Jacob to Israel; Lo-Ammi to Ammi: Mattaniah to Zedekiah; Sarai to Sarah and Simon to Peter.

Dolomite Effects

The Dolomite effect encompass Lisa’s methodology design for reinventing a New You and removes the Old You characteristic and personality. You use this method when things in your now reality (life) is not working and seeking a new or different lifestyle or direction. Because the lifestyle or direction at this moment is not aligned with who you want to BE or your future self.

Who Would Benefit from This Type of Effect?

  • A person seeking a different career
  • Widow wanting to move on
  • A person seeking their purpose
  • A person who wants to reinvent themselves
  • Actors
  • Singers
  • And more

Every First and Second Monday of the Month in 2020 (every month I host a work shop)

8pm to 10pm

Online Workshop

You would get an invite in your personal email.

Workshop is four hours $150. PayPal