About MS. D

I’ve transformed my life and can help you do the same!!! Dolomite Effect!!! ( is a successful model that can be replicated)

I am not going to apologize for taking the time to love myself, heal myself, loving my culture and teaching my culture to self -heal.

Ms. D uses her wealth of coaching and training experience; her knowledge and education to empower Her clients and Culture (African Americans). She assists them in preventing and/or managing stressors. Through her empowerment retreats ,one-on -one session, her workshops and panelist invitations. Her initial goal for her clients and culture is to learn how to love, heal and enjoy life.

Ms. D is pursuing her Master of Science degree in Health Psychology and has her Bachelor of Art degree in Nonprofit Administration. Ms. D Specialize in and/or has a Certification in the Areas of: Curriculum Development, Stress Management Training and Coaching; Health Coaching, Eat Heathy to Weight Loss, Train the Trainer Techniques, Leadership Training, Aroma Therapy, Mindfulness, Altruism, Thought Form Therapy (TFT) , and Social Emotion You. In addition to Spiritual Teaching: Christ Consciousness, Moabite daughter of Ruth, Earth Healing, Peace Maker, Breathing Exercise Techniques, Chi Gong, Zhong Gong, Ek’ Kan Matrix, Pranic Healing, Reiki Master and The Order of Melchizedek . She believe you keep yourself humble. When the teacher learns from the students and the students learn from the teach. A revolving educational system.

For over 25 years Ms. D has been practicing, growing, and advancing in her fields of learning. So, she could better help her family, friends, clients and culture. Along with others in the world who seeks healthy and natural ways to self- heal, be empowered and prevent and/or manage stress related problems and seek peace of earth.

Ms. D synergized her Western teaching with her Eastern teaching to create Breathecise (BE) Wellness System. Breathecise (BE) is a Natural Empowerment and Stress Management System. A system that develops methodology techniques for learning engagements. Through Ms.D: Empowerment retreats, one-on-one sessions; her workshops, and panelist invitations. That’s uniquely designed to address her client’s and culture needs, requirements and desires.

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Mrs. D welcome the opportunity to be a part of a panelist session. Please email her with the event overall details and date and time.