Stress Management Coaching – Reliable and Professional Support

Mrs. D is an excellent Stress Management Coach. Her primary goal as a coach is to provide her clients and culture with reliable reinforce and professional methodology solutions. Mrs. D’s methods caters, equips and produces the necessary support and tools doable to assist her client and culture in preventing and managing their stressors. They learn to utilize her methods to prevent and manage fears and stressors to gain peace in their lives. This allows them to be liberated, energized and full of life. So, they could enjoy their lives peacefully.

One-on -One Coaching

Mrs. D’s one -on- one personalized methods keep her clients focus on their desired outcome. Her stress management coaching sessions are uniquely designed for each client needs and desires. She listens and she’s supportive. She’s trustworthy, and non-judgmental. Ms. D wants her clients to feel safe, respected, and valuable throughout each session. This allows her clients to focus on achieving their goals and enjoying their accomplishment and enjoy a peaceful life.

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  • • One 15 min free phone sessions
  • • 30 min $75.00
  • • 60 min $150.00

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Weekly Coaching

Coaching – Weekly

Three Days -Weekly Coaching

Three- One -Hours Personal Coaching Sessions

Five days a week empowering inspirational text.

Ms. D’s Three Days weekly coaching sessions is designed for her clients that seeking additional assistance and support throughout the week. Her additional method is designed to help her clients that need more and extra time with her so they could stay on their rhythmic balance and focused, and/or obtain more energies.

Ms. D’s methods assist her clients on managing their stressors and keeping her clients focused, centered, and/or empowered. To achieve their desired outcome. Addition to making sure they are mindful of the importance of obtaining the needed energies to complete your desired outcome.

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Empowering inspirational text five days a week

$250.00 Weekly