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 BE Certification  

Stress Management Course


Breathecise (BE)  developed an educational course that connects, trains and coaches  individuals, families, and groups on how to manage stress related issues.  So they can manage and enjoy their lives and help other do the same. 

BE Stress Management Couse connects, educates , trains and coaches on:

  •  building expertise, skills and professionalism on managing stress related issues 

  •  building knowledge, awareness and insight on managing stress related issues 

  • building and connecting to strong support groups

  • building confidence to manage stress related issues

  • assisting in finding balance your life and others

  • increasing energy 

  •  enjoying a happy life 

​​BEATHECISE (BE)-  Weekend Course 

 Coming Soon

  •  Class Introduction 

  • What Is Stress and What Are the Common Causes Of Stress

  • Identifying and Understanding Stress Related Issues 

  • What Is Destressing  And Natural Methods

  • What is Visualization 

  • How Does Visualization Work

  • What Is Meditation And How It Assist In Relieving Stress

  • Practice Meditation (Individual and In A Group Setting)

  • Practice Breathing Techniques

  • What is Breath of Life

  • What is The Three Dantian's

  • Practice Breathing into The Three  Dantian's 

  • What Is Reiki and How Reiki assist in Destressing 

  • Reiki I Attunement 

  • Practice Reiki 1 Attunement on self and others 

  •  Practice Synergizing Stress Managing Techniques 

  • Practice  Using Hand On Application 

  • Practice Using Essential Oil

  • Practice Using Sounds  

  • Discussions and Take 10 Min quizzes and 1 Pre- Test

  •    Course Test  

  • 4 Case Stress Management Studies

  •   Stress Management Business  

  • Certificate in Stress Management

  • Certificate in  Meditation 


  • (BE) Stress Management Instructional Work Book

  • Professional Stress Management Videos

  • (BE) Essential Oils, That Helps  Destress (Mind, Body and Hair)

  • Building A Support Group


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