Lisa’ is pursuing her master’s degree in Psychology and has her bachelor’s degree in Nonprofit Administration.

Lisa Specialize in and/or has a Certification in the Areas of: Curriculum Development, Stress Management Training, Train the Trainer Techniques, Leadership Training, Mindfulness and Altruism;  In addition to: Breathing Exercise Techniques, TFT, Aroma Therapy, Chi Gong, Ek' Kan Matrx, Pranic Healing, Reiki Master, The Order of Melchizedek, and Social Emotion You.

 For over 25 years Lisa has and continue to practice, grow, learn and advance in her fields of learning. So, she could better help individuals and groups that seeks natural ways to prevent and manage stress related issues. In addition to relieving minor pain.

Lisa combines her Professional Western teaching, skills, leaning and philosophy with her Professional Eastern teaching, skills, learning and philosophy to create Breathecise (BE) Wellness System.  Breathecise (BE) is a Natural Stress Management System. That synergizes Western and Eastern Philosophies and  Professional skills to natural prevent and manage stress related issues.  Lisa teaches, trains and coaches individuals and groups on how to naturally prevent or manage stress related issues.  Through her classes: one-on-one and group sessions; workshops, and events. Lisa also created and sells organic and natural stress relieve products.

Focus On Wellness


From 1984 - to present